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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

► "TO THE CORE" (4'56)

Publié par Frank Ayers sur 26 Mai 2014, 11:00am

A couple of months ago, I had these chords and melody going around, from an old sequencing part I never got to use. So, I regularly took some hints and notes on my dictaphone... which is actually my phone, since we entered the new century. It's a thing I do a lot, when stuff crosses my mind at the wrong time at the wrong place. Like in a bus, or in the bathroom.

Here, the Emulator X performed the classic Roland JX-Voices stab and pads, most of the treated percs and FX as usual, and also
the distinctive "Sarah Voices" and "Swanee flute" classic sounds from the Fairlight CMI.
As it happens more often than you know, the bridge solo was mostly an accident. As I was toying with some basic monophonic sound on the Xhun Audio LittleOne (as it also does the bass line), the little rascal suddendly produced this uncanny high saturated mellow texture, after I triggered god knows what secret chain reaction ! The melody came for itself, from that point.
The Roland Juno-60 has been one of my very first keyboard in the mid-80's. Today, I use a lot of this recent software version U-NO LX from Togu Audio Line. In this song, the U-NO LX performed the main arpeggio sequence, the chorus bright pads, and other small synth stabs.

► "TO THE CORE" (4'56)

It's finally a good place, to talk about vocal recording process. As you may have guessed, I'm not Bono or Prince. So I must proceed very carefully with the recording, be extremely focused, do my best in a fairly short time, since my voice is not what it used to be when I was... younger.
Less is more, so I go to the clean, simpliest recording possible, using my 12 years old NT-1 microphone in my living-room, plugged into the computer through the PCI card physical input, in order to record the audio signal into Cubase software, along with other audio and MIDI tracks. So, very far on some takes, you could hear some cars and seagulls passing by, in front of my window...
I like to use mostly Nomad Factory plug-ins, very intuitive for that matter. With a little de-essing and noise-gate if necessary, I first try to obtain the clean, constant basic audio track I need. Senior sound engineers are right, most of the mixing process is already there, when you deal with clean basic tracks.

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