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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

► "NO TIME TO FEAR" (3'50)

Publié par Frank Ayers sur 26 Mai 2014, 12:30pm

Another one of my oldest songs, NO TIME TO FEAR was one of the first demos built with an Emax II in the early 90's ( ! ). Of course, you can hear the latest version, by clicking here ! web124

At the time, I was trying to achieve a well-paced rhythm ensemble, with several synth sequencing, my favourite 80's clean guitar ( like The Fixx, Scritti Politti, etc...), the chorus theme being the slow-paced part. I had this strong bassline in mind since the very beginning, but it went to a lot of tries all these years, about the right sound to perform it ! Finally, I used the Xhun Audio LittleOne again, definitely one of my new favourite bass stuff..Clin d'oeil jaune

The whole sequence parts though, are still triggering the same original sounds I used for the early version ! Of course, retreated through the Emulator X dynamics and filtering... If I recall correctly, these samples originally came from a big Korg T-1... minus the annoying dynamics and aftertouch excessive mess, I hated in KORG digital keyboards ! It was intended to be a (not so good ) voice pad, but the attack happened to be very interesting. So, well... here we go.

► "NO TIME TO FEAR" (3'50)

Some of my favourite drums samples were already there, in my early 90's de- mos, since I always had in mind to build my own "acoustic rock" drum kit, ra- ther than use electronic flavours. An obvious tribute to my love for Phil Collins, Robert Palmer, Oingo Boingo, and such. Plus, I never could afford a real drum- mer, with expensive recording sessions, and this much extra beers, etc...Rire jaune 01
So, I'm using pretty much the same custom samples kit for ages. Some kick and toms from Bob Clearmountain ( this guy, if only I could get him to mix my whole mess ! ), my infamous heavily processed snare from Peter Gabriel's song "Intruder" (a fascinating story, indeed ! ), various hi-hats and cymbals from sample CDs... I sorted somehow a coherent drum kit from all of it, with less than, wait for it... 15 MB of data storage !
So, hear this ! You certainly don't need the fat expensive, multi-layers, mega- giga drum libraries they try to sell you. You just have to choose care
fully a bunch of effective samples you like, and take good care of your MIDI program- ming and EQ ! After that, oh my god... it takes around six months to achieve the drum kit processing and mixing. Piece of cake !



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