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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

Is there such a thing as "too much" synths ?

Publié par F! sur 21 Novembre 2014, 16:00pm

Regarding my article from JUNE 2008, do you want to know just how cool synths became these days ? Just watch this 2010 calendar below, with naked babes and synths !
Why synths are so cool, now, been so geek before ? See these auctions on e-Bay, for 25 to 30 years old synth gears, dedicated fansites, people proudly take pictures of themselves near their vintage keys (a lot of chicks, by the way ! )... And, I just get it : synths are now old enough to be worthy of respect. Very much like a good Stratocaster guitar, a classic violin, etc etc... you get the point.

Just remember, until now you always had to get the latest synths, unless you'd be a joke. Forty years later, this "hi-tech" trend, which was very much like computers, cellular phones, etc, turned to a legit musical instrument status, with a vivid past, a true musical history... and a more intimate bound with machines. A keyboard player is free to stack a whole bunch of old synths at home, to blend them with computer VST, to use only virtual VST instruments... very much like myself. An
d it occured to me, I use a lot of virtual synths, always from the 1979-1985 period...

modular 03bThat been said, it goes now with the same side effects, than with classic instruments fanatics : obsession for collecting, geek attitude, pointless arguments, etc...

Like bozos tearing each other apart, about the right mics to put or not on a 71' Telecaster guitar, a lot of synth addicts argues endlessly about their Prophet-5, which would be "the better one" because it's a Rev.3.3 ver- sion ( begining at #4064 from the whole 7200 ex...), or about their 77' Mi- nimoog ( the last 1980-81 models being so "crappy"...) and they obvious- ly putted some whatever vintage pre-amps as outputs...
The funniest fashion of the moment being about the new big modulars synths, with internet videos of guys playing for 20 minutes some weird "zwit-zwit" and "boing-boing" in front of massive wired cup- boards...
And, none of them make very much music, really.

signature album 2010 complete

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Paul Vasey 09/06/2010 20:15


Great photographs Frank. I can see that the girl in picture number 4 is dedicated to her daily scales practice! VST instruments are fantastic for the home studio recording musician like you and
I. I don't know what I would do without them!


Gary Hunter 09/06/2010 20:12


Great read Frank, and the Pics were good to!! I had to look twice before I realised there were instruments in the Pics!!



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