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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

All about my keyboard set (and other fascinating issues) !

Publié par F! sur 21 Novembre 2014, 13:30pm

It occured to me recently, that love for instruments has always been okay for guitarists or drummers, even classic musicians, but a shame for synthesizers and electronic stuff, though some the artists in the 70's ( Vangelis, Freddy Mer- cury...), and mostly in the 80's ( Peter Gabriel, Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, etc..) were keyboard artists, and pretty much not guitar players.
In the 80's, they had quite the same (expensive) equipment set, the one we were all dreaming about, Fairlight CMI, LinnDrum, PPG Wave, Prophet-5, Jupi- ter 8, etc... And, it was limited in some ways, but they did awesome music with it.

Truth is, today everybody's get dozens of VSTi softwares on computer... and do quite nothing with it, as they're overwhelmed under abundance. The mere necessity of searching by yourself, to get so- mething useful out of a particular equipment is no longer an issue. So, no one ever grow a "sound" anymore, under the urge of jesaispas.

I remember blowing in a empty soda bottle, to sample and create my own weird flute, long before ready-to-use multi Giga ethnic libraries even appeared. Now, spending days listening to hundreds of preset sounds on the row, and still no music's coming up... what about that ? That's why, oddly enough in regard of many endless possibilities, music sounds today so uninspired... everyone took the easy way. Ramollo wins. beurk

bandeau MATOS 2011 v2a
I tried a lot of them (maybe, tried them all, for I know... lol ! ), virtual synths, effects, etc... for a couple of years now, to build my fixed and limited, but optimized, set of VSTi virtual instruments, in order to get the best of it, and settle some efficiency here... if it's only possible. Of course, I realise this "virtual set" is pretty close to the legendary 80's equipment set I was talking up above, with the Emulator X, Waldorf Wave, Pro-53,  etc...D'accord jaune
And, if I ever run out of ideas with this "fixed" set, I got no problem opening one of those neat extra VST's, and often find something useful ! The little rule is made to be broken. Ultimately, it's about making music and fun... you get the point.
Anyway, it's a good statement to start working with. I invite you to try it, else, who knows what could happen, I could be lost forever in the land of thousand sounds, gnagnagnagna blah blah blah... prout.

signature album 2010 complete



hamsterdunce V2 mai album

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Gary Hunter 24/05/2010 02:45

A great read Frank and as for your English it is perfect ! Some very important points made in this article to.


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