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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

► "GREAT CITY" (4'23)

Publié par Frank Ayers sur 26 Mai 2014, 11:30am

As I was in Montreal a few years ago, I had this couple of chords in mind, re- minding me of the work of Ryuichi Sakamoto, and his early band YMO, who were fantastic (and fun ) japanese electronic music pioneers.
I often have this "city by night" feeling, so GREAT CITY is one of the several songs that bring this path through the album, make it "urban" and people rela- ted, like a journey through large cities, and the many souls living in it... So, of course, you can hear the latest version, by clicking right there ! web124

And, here comes the Native Instruments PRO-53 again, performing this very distinctive chord pad, and also the bassline.
Along the ending theme, you probably won't miss the synth bell gimmick, a very powerful stacked sound from the Emulator X, which performs all the song's pads and percs as usual, including a Ro- land Super-JX chorus pad... a short sample I actually took with the first Emax sampler in 87' !
After trying a lot of expensive reverb softwares, I came to use some light but incredibly effective ones from Valhalla,


► "GREAT CITY" (4'23)

See these auctions on e-Bay for 25 to 30 years old synth gears, dedicated fansites, people proudly take pictures of themselves near their vintage keys ? Suddenly, I just get it : synths are now old enough to be worthy of respect. Very much like a Stratocaster guitar, a classic violin, etc... you get the point. Synths are so cool now, been so geeky before.
It occured to me recently, that love for instruments has always been okay for guitarists or drummers, even classic musicians, but a shame for synthesizers and electronic stuff, though some the artists in the 70's ( Vangelis, Freddy Mer- cury...), and mostly in the 80's ( Peter Gabriel, Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, etc..) were keyboard artists, and pretty much not guitar players.
In the 80's, they had quite the same (expensive) equipment set, the one we were all dreaming about, Fairlight CMI, LinnDrum, PPG Wave, Prophet-5, Jupi- ter 8, etc... And, it was limited in some ways, but they did awesome music with it.
I remember blowing in a empty soda bottle, to sample and create my own weird flute, long before ready-to-use multi Giga ethnic libraries even appeared.
Unfortunately, it goes now with the same side effects than with classic instruments fanatics : obsession for collecting, geek attitude, pointless arguments... Like synth fans tearing each other apart, about the right mics to put or not on a 71' Telecaster guitar, a lot of synth addicts argues endlessly about their Prophet-5, which would be "a better one" because it's a Rev.3.3 version ( begining at #4064 from the whole 7200 ex), or about their 77' Minimoog ( the last 1980-81 models being so "crappy") . And they obviously put some whatever expensive vintage pre-amps as outputs... And, none of them make very much music, really.


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