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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

Why we won't be famous anymore !

Publié par F! sur 21 Novembre 2014, 14:30pm

Catégories : #We love our toys !

In the 60's and 70's you could be a "star" at the age of 18. Playing intensively from your musical ins- trument, because you were playing a lot live, and wrapping a hit song in one week, was the way the music went, from early rock'n'roll, to blues and soul...
But then came the late 70's and early 80's, and the musical landscape expended, from Peter Gabriel to Vangelis, The Cure to Sade, Queen to Laurie Anderson, U2 to Art Of Noise...

This was my age of discovering music, and more than the performance itself, these artists teached me about the shaping of sound, the importance of making a simple song something big, one of a kind, by the endless possibilities of technology, only limited by the human mind and creativity. Ro- bert Palmer and Phil Collins gave me the love for
effective vocal melody, and huge rock drums & gui- tars playing along with synthesizers, Thomas Dolby and Trevor Horn the fun and the sophisticated candy ear, Kate Bush and Vangelis the plain beauty of new soundscapes, etc...D'accord jaune

bandeau NEW artistes matos V2

It was truly a way to serve and expand the power and meaning of any music expression, not an up- setting dead end, allegedly betraying some hypothetic "authenticity" in music, as some lazy musi- cians and some audience were starting to complain about, at the begining of the 90's. "Authenticity" in this case, being average guys with poor hair, barely able
to pull a couple of chords, being "real" just by looking like your average neighbor, yelling their despair to the society in dirty ( yet expensive) t-shirts and jean's, only guitars being "obviously authentic", any other instruments, not so much.  
Okay, let's be clear here, there's nothing wrong about having hair, personally I still have mine...

So, I say maybe, maybe, this is the reason why I'm so slow ! Since these 80's days,
it takes me quite long to take good care about the sound, experimenting every musical ideas... especially be- cause I’ve got time to catch back. These hints I had in years, and maybe it wasn't the right time... they splash out all together now, so I must be very extra careful... Plus, for the very first time for me, music equipments and gears are no longer an issue, thanks to these computers and virtual instru- ments ! Rire jaune 01

About fame, let's say, since the music world market is squeezed today, to the hand of major compa- gnies, eager to control every music flux, calibrate the artists to a segmented audience ( this one would be for young urbans, this one for modern folk, etc...), this leads eventually to less huge inter- national stars... but more local careers.

signature album 2010 complete

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The Vanity Rules 09/06/2010 20:34


The 80's decade was musicaly very important to me also. Sade was fantastic.  I think I'll have to renew the first two albums on CD. 'Is it a crime" really tugs at my heart strings. Some
great songs were written at this time. Trevor Horn's production on 'The Lexicon of Love' - ABC was marvellous. The songs on this album were very good too. I saw Spandau Ballet in
Newcastle last week. Gary Kemp is a wonderful songwriter. What an amazing live band.

How many songs are you working on Frank? I'm looking forward to hearing your work and also further  correspondence.


Gary Hunter 09/06/2010 20:32


Well put Frank, like you the 80's was what got me in to making music, best decade for music ever!


Gary Hunter 09/06/2010 20:30


Well put Frank, like you the 80's was what got me in to making music, best decade for music ever! I will put together that list we mentioned a few days back tonight .... or tomorrow!


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