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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

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  • ► "NO TIME TO FEAR" (3'50)

    26 mai 2014

    Another one of my oldest songs, NO TIME TO FEAR was one of the first demos built with an Emax II in the early 90's ( ! ). Of course, you can hear the latest version, by clicking here ! At the time, I was trying to achieve a well-paced rhythm ensemble,...

  • ► "TO THE CORE" (4'56)

    26 mai 2014

    A couple of months ago, I had these chords and melody going around, from an old sequencing part I never got to use. So, I regularly took some hints and notes on my dictaphone... which is actually my phone, since we entered the new century. It's a thing...

  • ► GIVE AND TAKE (3'49)

    26 mai 2014

    I had this verse in mind for a while, playing around with this 80's clean guitars mood, like the classic songs from The Fixx or Icehouse, but no real chorus yet. But, I had the opportunity in the 90's, to work with a progressive rock band in France called...

  • ► "GREAT CITY" (4'23)

    26 mai 2014

    As I was in Montreal a few years ago, I had this couple of chords in mind, re- minding me of the work of Ryuichi Sakamoto, and his early band YMO, who were fantastic (and fun ) japanese electronic music pioneers. I often have this "city by night" feeling,...

  • ► "PERFECT" (3'42)

    26 mai 2014

    PERFECT is certainly one of my oldest songs. Recently, I finally built something from it under a couple of weeks, it's a bit 80's power-pop, it's called PERFECT, and you can hear the latest version right here ! I always loved bass synths. Bass lines like...

  • Why we won't be famous anymore !

    21 novembre 2014 ( #We love our toys ! )

    In the 60's and 70's you could be a "star" at the age of 18. Playing intensively from your musical ins- trument, because you were playing a lot live, and wrapping a hit song in one week, was the way the music went, from early rock'n'roll, to blues and...

  • All about my keyboard set (and other fascinating issues) !

    21 novembre 2014

    It occured to me recently, that love for instruments has always been okay for guitarists or drummers, even classic musicians, but a shame for synthesizers and electronic stuff, though some the artists in the 70's ( Vangelis, Freddy Mer- cury...), and...

  • How a music studio can stand in your small living room, anyway ?

    21 novembre 2014

    In a matter of "DAW" and by the way, yes, I learned this word recently, as it stands for Digital Audio Workstation, or "sequencer" as we were calling it in the old days ! ( lol ), it occurs to me, I always used Steinberg Cubase soft- wares, since they...

  • The internet will save our souls !

    21 novembre 2014

    I often have this discussion, with my fellow artist friends, about how amazing the internet is now for musicians ( it's the way you're reading me, by example, lol...). Indeed, these guys you find on MySpace or whatever, they now have something of a career...

  • Is there such a thing as "too much" synths ?

    21 novembre 2014

    Regarding my article from JUNE 2008 , do you want to know just how cool synths became these days ? Just watch this 2010 calendar below, with naked babes and synths ! Why synths are so cool, now, been so geek before ? See these auctions on e-Bay, for 25...

  • 2012 ► "MADE IN AMERICA" ! +cathy+eric

    22 novembre 2014

    In the early 90's, I was working together, with a french progressive rock band, called WARM ! Though it wasn't quite successful ( progressive, and 90's, and France... see the issue here ? ), I had the opportunity, beside the sound pro- duction, to share...

  • ► A fairly short biography, so don't worry !

    31 décembre 2014

    Indeed, my first synth was a little KORG MS-20. I was going to have it for Christmas 82', and I dreamed about it for months ! By then, the only chance to actualy see synthesizers was on dedicated magazines in black and white, or in few artists video-clips......


    19 novembre 2014

    Now, it's time to get to the point with this blog. A couple of months ago, I had these chords and melody going around. So, I regularly took some hints and notes on my dictaphone, which actually is my cellphone, since we entered the new millenium. It's...

  • Bonus : how to get it done !

    14 avril 2014


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