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Frank Ayers "240 days"

Frank Ayers "240 days"

... mini-LP coming soon ?

► "PERFECT" (3'42)

Publié par Frank Ayers sur 26 Mai 2014, 13:30pm

PERFECT is certainly one of my oldest songs. Clin d'oeil jaune
Recently, I finally built something from it under a couple of weeks, it's a bit 80's power-pop, it's called PERFECT, and you can hear the latest version right here ! web124

I always loved bass synths. Bass lines like Harold Faltemeyer in Beverley Hills Cops, or Scritti Politti songs,
All my synth solos are played with the Sonic Projects OP-X PRO II, whith is a re-creation of the famous Oberheim big synths,


► "PERFECT" (3'42)


Since my previous guitar left in the sunshine screming for personal issues, I had to perform most of the guitar parts

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